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Plots against Peter Obi will fail, according to Ohanaeze in the London Immigration Saga

Plots against Peter Obi will fail, according to Ohanaeze in the London Immigration Saga
Plots against Peter Obi will fail, according to Ohanaeze in the London Immigration Saga

The Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, was reportedly the target of a reported attempt to arrest him last week in London, the UK, according to Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the apex Igbo sociocultural organisation.

Any attempt to humiliate and remove Peter Obi from office due to his decision to formally pursue the mandate he claimed to have received from Nigerians will continue to fail, according to Ohanaeze.

Obi was allegedly questioned about his identity on April 7 at Heathrow Airport in London.

When he was the governor of Anambra State, Obi served under Prof. Stella Okunna in a variety of capacities. Obi told Okunna about this.

Ohanaeze claimed that the sole purpose of assuming Obi’s identity was to use his name to commit crimes in London and other parts of the world in order to implicate him in shady and illegal activities and tie him up in a variety of offences in order to remove him from the political sphere.

Prof. Okunna describes what Obi told her in the article titled “What Peter Obi is going through: Does any human being deserve this type of shocking intimidation and emotional torture?” on her Facebook page.

How it occurred at Heathrow “Today, April 11, 2023, I was speechless to hear from His Excellency, Mr. Peter what he went through when his British Airways plane landed at Heathrow Airport, London, early on the morning of Friday, April 7, 2023.

Plots against Peter Obi will fail, according to Ohanaeze in the London Immigration Saga

“He was speaking to me at the official opening of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) Sisters’ Specialist Hospital in Nkpor.

He flew in from London and arrived at the event to the customary “ear-splitting” ovation that greets him everywhere these days.

The Reverend Sisters and I (members of the Governing Board of the IHM Sisters Healthcare System) were anticipating his attendance because he was the “Most Outstanding Pillar of the Foundation/Hospital,” but there was also concern Considering he was not in Nigeria, he wondered if he would succeed.

“Until the ovation for his presence in a London church went viral on the Internet, I actually had no idea he had left the country.


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After his exhausting marathon visits on 06/04 to Paul University, Regina Caeli Hospital, and other medical facilities, where he went about changing lives in his customary quiet philanthropic manner, I never would have thought he would be able to go anywhere so soon.

“Peter Obi’s incredible stamina and capacity for multitasking were further eloquently demonstrated by his frenzied activities that day in Anambra State and elsewhere.

“This capacity was made even more amazing by the fact that I was able to fly out of the country that night.

“When Peter Obi arrived in London, he joined the regular line to get through immigration, and that’s when his ordeal started.

Plots against Peter Obi will fail, according to Ohanaeze in the London Immigration Saga

He was stopped and questioned for a considerable amount of time before being given a detention note and instructed to wait for additional questioning and investigation. For a man who had long since lived honourably in the UK, this was incredibly unusual.

Knowing who he is, some well-meaning Nigerians raised their voices in protest in response to the harassment, asking why he was being treated that way.

The immigration officer then made the startling admission that his identity had “been duplicated.” This revelation has undoubtedly raised red flags.

This is a very dangerous development for those who are knowledgeable about such things because it implies that Peter Obi is being impersonated.

And that someone might accuse Obi he could involve Obi in any number of questionable, even illegal, activities and drag him into a variety of crimes; he might frame Obi for some sort of crime or another.

“The terrifying potential scenario is unimaginable!

“For a man who has experienced numerous forms of intimidation and emotional torture, including bugging his phone as well as the phones of his wife and children, constant surveillance, slurs, and severe pressure to leave (run away from) the country, this is the pinnacle of it all. He has also been falsely accused of negative things he has no knowledge of, among other abuses.

“As he was sharing his “Heathrow tale of woe” with me at Nkpor today, I observed a man who was experiencing excruciating pain, extreme stress, and anxiety to the point of despair.

“However, as he confirmed, he is willing to experience this discomfort and is still adamantly committed to following the path he has chosen in order to enable him to reach the destination that well-meaning people in Nigeria and far beyond are expecting him to reach.

“This is the place where Nigerians can live in a safe and prosperous nation that they (especially the younger generations) will be proud to call their own.

“Go right ahead!

“I assume he told me all of this in confidence. I apologise sincerely for “breaking” this confidentiality, Your Excellency, but history is calling, and I am unable to remain silent.

Ohanaeze strikes.

Plots against Peter Obi will fail, according to Ohanaeze in the London Immigration Saga
In response, Ohanaeze Ndigbo denounced “the embarrassing and evil plots to rope Peter Obi,” declaring that they will all fall short.

It’s a real shame for those who want to humiliate Obi by entangling him in their plans. However, it was fortunate that it did. As they have been exposed, there will never be another instance of this anywhere in the world after this.

They made the world aware of their schemes. Whoever is playing this, however, is wasting their time and effort.



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