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Peter Obi declares that Tinubu’s inauguration will make him stronger

Peter Obi declares that Tinubu's inauguration will make him stronger
Peter Obi declares that Tinubu's inauguration will make him stronger

Peter Obi, a candidate for president of the Labour Party, believes that Bola Tinubu’s inauguration will strengthen him.

The Daily Trust reported that Tinubu, the victor of the elections held on February 25, 2023, would assume duties as the 16th President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on Monday.

Security precautions have been put in place, and planning for the event is well underway.

Tinubu's inauguration will make me stronger, says Peter Obi

For the August event, which will take place at Eagle Square, dignitaries have arrived in Nigeria’s capital city, including the group of US President Joe Biden.

In response to a query on the inauguration in a current Twitter Spaces, Obi vowed to continue fighting for “his mandate.”

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“Because I knew this adventure wouldn’t be easy, I didn’t start it in one day. The inauguration will boost my self-assurance.

“I am aware of how discouraged you are as a result of the failure of your attempt. With a strong institution, we are in conflict. It’s been a protracted battle for us. Even I realise how challenging the journey ahead will be; they will definitely make allegations, threaten me with harm, and employ various strategies, but I am ready for them.

Tinubu's inauguration will make me stronger, says Peter Obi

“I sincerely appreciate your sacrifice, and I kindly beg that you not feel dejected. Thank you for your sacrifice and for contributing to this greatness.

“Please, let’s stick together while we go through this sorrow. Let’s follow the proper path. Nobody—including me—can make the claim to be a saint. In the past, I might have unknowingly committed an offence. I beg you to maintain your attention. This is a transition that takes place throughout time.

Also, Obi urged his fans to continue praying for the nation.

One of the contributors said that the election’s outcomes had demoralised some of Obi’s supporters, also referred to as Obidients.

She claimed that several of them thought Tinubu taking the oath would end the battle.

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