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Nigeria’s Investment-Ready Surge: VP Shettima’s Vision

In a resolute and promising address at the UN Food Systems Summit in Rome, Vice President Kashim Shettima has called on foreign investors to recognize the vast opportunities awaiting them in Nigeria.
Nigeria's Investment-Ready Surge: VP Shettima's Vision

In a resolute and promising address at the UN Food Systems Summit in Rome, Vice President Kashim Shettima has called on foreign investors to recognize the vast opportunities awaiting them in Nigeria.

Emphasizing the country’s young and energetic population and the ambitious agenda of its new administration, Shettima expressed his belief that Nigeria is now primed for significant economic growth and development.

The Vice President’s compelling speech showcased Nigeria’s potential as a major player in the global market, setting the stage for a new era of collaboration and investment in the nation’s burgeoning food systems.

Quote from Vice President Kashim Shettima

“We have the capacity of transforming the demographic bulge into demographic dividends or it will be the demographic disaster that will consume all of us.”


“Nigeria will surpass the United States as the third most populous nation on earth, and the population is young.”


“The median age is 19.”


“With determined leadership and the support of the global community, we believe, as eternal optimists do, that there is hope on the horizon.”

Investing in Nigeria’s Future

Highlighting the building blocks already in place to spur growth, Vice President Shettima pointed out several key initiatives, including the government’s declaration of a state of emergency on food security, its renewed commitment to food and nutrition, and the establishment of the National Food and Micro-Nutrient Intake Survey and National State Level Food Systems.

Moreover, Shettima emphasized the importance of fostering improved collaboration between the government and the private sector.

He firmly believes that agribusiness holds the key to transforming Nigeria’s food system, and private sector investments, facilitated by a supportive government environment, will be pivotal in driving this transformation.

Quote from Vice President Kashim Shettima

“Nigerian government, together with domestic and international finance institutions scaled up the Value Chain Development Programme approach for the Special Agro Processing Zones Programme with an impressive investment of $521m from the IFAD, from the IsDB, and from the AfDB.”


“The success story of the value chain development programme speaks for itself.”

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Nigeria: Pivotal to Global Development

The Vice President underscored the critical role that Nigeria plays in the future of global development, particularly in Africa.

As the next frontier of growth and innovation, the success or failure of this transition heavily relies on Nigeria’s performance.

He assured investors that Nigeria’s new leadership, comprising a President and Vice President from the private sector, is committed to positioning the country for substantial growth and prosperity.

Quote from Vice President Kashim Shettima

“Rest assured that the next frontiers for global development are facing Africa, and Nigeria will make or mar that transition.”

What You Should Know

Vice President Kashim Shettima’s powerful message to foreign investors in Rome resonates as a clarion call for seizing the boundless opportunities in Nigeria.

With its young, dynamic population and the steadfast commitment of the new administration, Nigeria emerges as a beacon of hope in the region.

As the nation prepares to surpass the United States in population, the potential for transformation and success in Nigeria’s food systems sector is undeniable.

Investors are urged to embrace this propitious moment and contribute to the nation’s growth while securing their own prosperity in this investment-ready landscape.

The meeting in Rome saw the presence of esteemed Nigerian officials, further affirming the country’s dedication to attracting foreign investments and fostering fruitful collaborations.

As the nation stands on the precipice of progress, it is clear that Nigeria is indeed ready for business, poised to claim its position as the third-most populous country on the planet, and solidify its role as a significant player in the global economy.

Present at the meeting were Nigeria’s Permanent Representative to FAO/IFAD/WFP in Rome, Mr. Yaya Olaniran; Nigerian Ambassador to Italy, Mfawa Abam; Deputy Chief of Staff to the President in the Office of the Vice President, Ibrahim Hadejia, among other senior government officials.

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