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Equalizer 3: Denzel Washington Takes on Italian Mafia

Equalizer 3, Denzel Washington, Italian Mafia
Equalizer 3: Denzel Washington Takes on Italian Mafia

The Equalizer franchise, starring Denzel Washington as the former CIA operative Robert McCall, has been a hit with audiences since its debut in 2014.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, these films are based on a 1980s TV series of the same name but have been brought into modern times with updated stories and action sequences.

In the first two films, McCall used his exceptional skills and resources to help those in need in Boston while grappling with his own past and enemies.

However, in the third installment, which opens in theaters this Friday, McCall takes his fight to a whole new level and a new location: Italy.

Why Italy?


Equalizer 3, Denzel Washington, Italian Mafia

Director Antoine Fuqua, who has previously collaborated with Denzel Washington on several successful projects, expressed his long-held desire to take the character of Robert McCall abroad.

Washington, an international movie star with a deep appreciation for Italian culture, readily embraced the idea.

This decision was welcomed by Sony, and Italy was chosen as the perfect setting for this exciting new chapter in McCall’s story.

Italy’s allure for the setting is further heightened by Denzel Washington’s personal connection to the country, as he visits every summer with his family and has a basic command of the Italian language.

According to Fuqua, Washington just feels right in Italy.

How Italy Inspired the Story

Equalizer 3, Denzel Washington, Italian Mafia

Equalizer 3’s plot centers on McCall’s mission to thwart a formidable crime syndicate known as the Camorra, operating in Naples and other parts of southern Italy.

McCall becomes involved when he encounters a young woman named Lucia, portrayed by Edoarda Ponti, the granddaughter of the iconic Sophia Loren, who is facing threats from the mobsters.

Additionally, McCall reconnects with Susan Plummer, an old friend and former colleague, now a CIA analyst working on the same case, played by Dakota Fanning.

Fuqua’s vision for the film was to showcase the authentic Italy, moving beyond just the tourist attractions.

He drew inspiration from the classic Italian cinema of Federico Fellini and others, as well as the gritty realism found in Martin Scorsese’s gangster films.

The film was shot in various captivating locations across Italy, including Rome, Naples, and the picturesque Amalfi coast.

Fuqua was deeply moved by the country’s beauty and diversity, as well as the warmth and generosity of its people.

Shooting at Cinecittà Studios in Rome, where legendary filmmakers have worked before, was a highlight of the production.

Fuqua described the experience as an honor and a privilege to follow in the footsteps of cinematic greats.

Another unforgettable location was Atrani, a charming village on the Amalfi coast, where McCall finds a sense of belonging and community.

Fuqua fell in love with the place and its welcoming inhabitants, who extended their hospitality to him and his crew without hesitation.

What to Expect from Equalizer 3

Equalizer 3, Denzel Washington, Italian Mafia

Equalizer 3 promises to deliver more of what fans love about the franchise: thrilling action sequences, clever plot twists, and compelling characters.

Denzel Washington once again showcases why he is one of the finest actors of his generation, infusing depth and charisma into his portrayal of Robert McCall.

Dakota Fanning shines as Susan Plummer, a character with a strong bond to McCall and pivotal in unraveling the mystery behind the Camorra.

Edoarda Ponti’s debut as Lucia showcases a character who is brave and resilient in the face of adversity.

The film also delves into themes that resonate with today’s world, such as corruption, justice, loyalty, and identity.

McCall grapples with moral dilemmas as he strives to balance his personal code with his professional responsibilities, questioning his place in society and his relationship with his past.

Equalizer 3 is a rollercoaster of suspense and action, promising to keep audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

It not only adds to the franchise’s legacy but also pays homage to the rich culture and history of Italy.

Don’t miss this thrilling installment when it hits theaters this weekend.

What You Should Know

Equalizer 3 takes Robert McCall to the beautiful and dangerous backdrop of Italy, offering fans a gripping new adventure filled with action, suspense, and moral dilemmas.

With Denzel Washington at the helm, the film promises to be a worthy addition to the franchise, highlighting the stunning landscapes and culture of Italy along the way.

Get ready for a thrilling ride when Equalizer 3 hits theaters – it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

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