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Ogun State’s Missing LG Funds: Wale Adedayo’s Detention

Ogun State Missing LG Funds Wale Adedayo
Ogun State's Missing LG Funds: Wale Adedayo's Detention

In a startling turn of events, Mr. Wale Adedayo, the suspended Chairman of Ijebu East Local Government area of Ogun State, found himself in a perplexing situation when he was reportedly detained by the Department of State Security Services (DSS) on a fateful Friday morning.

Touchaheart Nigeria reports on the dramatic series of events that led to Adedayo’s detention and the allegations surrounding the missing local government (LG) funds in Ogun State.

An Unexpected Invitation

The story began when Mr. Adedayo received an invitation from the DSS.

He dutifully arrived at their office on the specified Friday, unaware of the storm that awaited him.

However, instead of a routine meeting, he was detained, leaving many questions unanswered.

High-Profile Visitors

The situation escalated when prominent figures entered the fray.

Governor Dapo Abiodun and the Commissioner of Police in the state, CP Abiodun Alamutu, visited the DSS office on the same Friday.

Their presence added a layer of intrigue to an already mysterious situation.

Missing Funds Allegations

At the heart of this controversy lies the allegation that local government areas in Ogun State have been receiving zero allocation from the federal government purse since 2021.

Mr. Adedayo, the embattled Council boss, went further to claim that about N10.8 billion belonging to the council areas was missing.

Suspension and Petitions

Mr. Adedayo’s troubles did not start with his detention.

He had been suspended by seven councillors in the council area a day before his detention.

The suspension was based on over 15 allegations, primarily focused on alleged financial mismanagement amounting to over N50 million.

In a bid to address these issues, Adedayo wrote a letter to Chief Olusegun Osoba, the national leader of his party and former Governor of the State.

In the letter, he urged Osoba to convince the governor to release funds meant for council areas.

Additionally, he filed a petition with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), calling on the anti-graft agency to investigate all allegations against the state government concerning LG allocations.

State Government’s Response

The Ogun State government has vehemently denied the allegations of financial misappropriation.

According to official statements, the management of LG allocations falls under the jurisdiction of the Joint Account and Allocation Committee in the State (JAAC).

The government contends that it has consistently supported the LGs by augmenting their monthly allocations to meet financial obligations.

Unresolved Mysteries

As Mr. Adedayo remains in detention and the allegations continue to swirl, the case of the missing LG funds in Ogun State remains a complex mystery.

The involvement of high-ranking officials and the intense back-and-forth between Adedayo and the state government add layers of intrigue to this unfolding drama.

What You Should Know

In the midst of this political storm, one thing is clear: the allegations of missing LG funds in Ogun State have captured the attention of not only the local community but also the nation.

As investigations proceed and more information surfaces, the fate of Mr. Wale Adedayo and the truth behind these allegations will continue to unfold, making this a story worth following closely.

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