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Lead Awards 2023: Preparation In Top Gear As Organizers Unveil Modified Plaque

Lead Awards 2023


Touchaheart Nigeria reports that the organizers of the 2023 Leadership Excellence and Dignity Awards have unveiled a modified plaque ahead of her November award ceremony.


The Project Director, Adebukola Oba while unveiling the modified plaque to newsmen via Zoom, said the unveiling of the plaque is a testimony to the hard work and dedication of all the team involved, she also highlighted some parts of the plaque and what it symbolizes.


“Gentle men of the press, we’re so glad you have joined us today to celebrate this important milestone, It’s rewarding to be here today to witness this historic result from this thoughtful, academically-focused, colorful and beautiful plaque design.


“First, I would like to convey my profound gratitude to our Executive Director, Mr. Abiola Alaba Peters AAP, for his leadership qualities.


I would also like to recognize the effort of my wonderful team and other members of the Planning Committee for their exceptional work on this challenging, but very important task, I appreciate all the energy, effort, and thoughtfulness you all poured into making this a reality”


“Now, to the business of the day, it is my honor to present to you, the official plaque for the 2023 Leadership Excellence and Dignity Awards, this plaque was constructed by a Lagos based agency, Oba Irawo International.


As you can see, the main color is Gold, and Gold color represents success, affluence, and luxury. The shimmering metallic color has been used to symbolize abundance and accomplishment throughout history, the Black color represents prestige, formality and importance. This plaque brings to mind feelings of grandeur and sophistication.”


“The LEAD is an abbreviation of Leadership Excellence and Dignity Awards, and then the Thumbs Up is Project Lead Africa saying well-done, it’s also means satisfaction and approval for a job or service well-delivered. The Stars represents marks of excellence and recognition of a notable achievement.


Lastly, I want to remind us that Lead Awards is not just about entertainment, it is our own way of creating opportunities for sustainable societal development and entrepreneurship through ecotourism, coupled with efforts to enhance quality leadership in community decision-making forums, especially the lives of our youths.


Thank You” She concluded.


Lead Awards which debuted last year is set to hold its second edition in November at the Dome International Conference Center, Akure, Ondo State. Top Nigerian music and movie stars are expected to grace the event; others are notable Obas, lawmakers, showbiz personalities and Corporate executives.


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