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Transforming Transport: Nigeria’s CNG Revolution

Transforming Transport: Nigeria's CNG Revolution
President Bola Tinubu

Touchaheart – In a landmark development, the Special Assistant to the President on Special Duties and Domestic Affairs, Toyin Subaru, has announced that Nigeria is set to embark on a game-changing journey in the realm of transportation.

With the impending deployment of 11,500 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses across the nation, Subaru assures Nigerians that the cost of CNG will dramatically decrease to a mere N230 per kilogram.

This announcement, made on October 29, 2023, is a part of the government’s proactive measures to alleviate the prevailing transportation challenges in the country.

A Sustainable Shift in Transportation Paradigm

The CNG initiative, as put forth by the presidential aide, seeks to usher in a new era of cost-effective and eco-friendly commuting.

By utilizing the abundant domestic reserves of natural gas, this plan aims to not only save Nigerians a significant two-thirds of their transportation expenses but also promote CNG as a cleaner alternative to traditional petrol.


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Stakeholders Unite for Sustainable Transportation

The stage for this monumental transformation was set at a recent stakeholders’ meeting held at the Bank of Industry headquarters in Abuja.

The meeting was convened to formalize a partnership with key entities, including the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology and the FEMADEC group.

Their collaborative efforts are instrumental in ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of this new transportation paradigm.

The CNG Revolution Unveiled

The heart of this ambitious initiative lies in a well-thought-out plan: to establish 1000 conversion workshops nationwide.

This strategic move is poised to provide over 50,000 jobs and help offset the consequences of subsidy removal.

With a goal to make 55,000 conversion kits readily available to the Nigerian public, the Presidential CNG Initiative is poised to kickstart the CNG revolution as per the President’s vision outlined in his October 1st speech.

A Vision for the Future

The Federal Government has set a remarkable target: to have one million CNG vehicles traversing Nigerian roads by the year 2027.

This grand vision is not only aimed at saving billions of dollars over a decade but also at managing the inflation in transportation costs.

Paving the Way for Job Creation

One of the most intriguing aspects of this initiative is its potential to create jobs.

The partnership with relevant stakeholders and the establishment of numerous workshops could generate an estimated 50,000 technician jobs, breathing life into an industry that has not existed on this scale before.

“Explore Nigeria’s groundbreaking CNG initiative, promising affordable and eco-friendly transportation. Learn about the Presidential commitment, stakeholder partnerships, job creation, and the sustainable shift to Compressed Natural Gas for a greener, more cost-effective future.”

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