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Scam! Jumia Faces Backlash Over Deceptive Ad on Facebook

Scam! Jumia Faces Backlash Over Deceptive Ad on Facebook

Jumia, the renowned African e-commerce giant, is under fire for a misleading advertisement on their Facebook page. The ad, which promotes Nivea body cream, features an image of an itel S24 phone, creating confusion among consumers and sparking outrage over deceptive marketing tactics.


Touchaheart Nigeria reports that the contradictory pairing of the Nivea cream with an unrelated phone image appears to be a ploy to attract clicks and drive purchases through dishonest means. Customers expressed their frustration upon realizing that the product displayed in the advertisement was not the one being sold.


” What does Nivea have to do with Itel,” questioned one disgruntled Facebook user. “Jumia needs to be honest about their offerings instead of resorting to trickery.”


While Nivea cream enjoys popularity among consumers, using an unrelated phone image to promote it constitutes unethical behavior. Experts condemn this tactic as a “bait-and-switch,” which deceives customers by presenting false information. Such practices are in violation of consumer protection laws in numerous countries.


As a leading player in African e-commerce, Jumia bears the responsibility to uphold transparency in its marketing endeavors. Employing shady promotional strategies tarnishes its reputation and undermines consumer trust, which is challenging to restore once lost.


Jumia must reassess its advertising policies and crack down on deceptive promotions to safeguard its brand integrity and preserve customer loyalty. African consumers deserve fair and ethical shopping experiences from the platforms they patronize.


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