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Kano Deputy Governor Apologizes to Ribadu Amid Emirship Dispute

Kano Deputy Governor Apologizes to Ribadu Amid Emirship Dispute
Kano Deputy Governor Apologizes to Ribadu Amid Emirship Dispute

In a significant development, the Deputy Governor of Kano State, Aminu Gwarzo, has publicly expressed regret and issued an apology to the National Security Adviser, Nuhu Ribadu. The apology comes in the wake of a contentious emirship dispute that has gripped the stat

The controversy centers around the return of the deposed Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero, to the state. Gwarzo had previously alleged that Ribadu played a pivotal role in facilitating the emir’s return by providing him with private jets. However, Ribadu vehemently denied these accusations and even threatened legal action.

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 The Apology

At a press conference held at the Government House in Kano, Deputy Governor Gwarzo extended an olive branch to Ribadu. He clarified that the government had been misinformed about Ribadu’s involvement in the ongoing crisis. Gwarzo acknowledged that the Office of the National Security Adviser had categorically refuted the allegations and distanced themselves from the claims made by the state government.

 The Shocking Revelation

Gwarzo further revealed that they were taken aback when Ribadu’s name was initially linked to the plot to reinstate the deposed emir. The unexpected turn of events prompted the deputy governor to issue a formal apology.

A Humble Admission

“We apologize to the National Security Adviser, both personally and on behalf of the Kano State Government,” Gwarzo stated. “Any embarrassment or inconvenience caused to him is deeply regretted. As fallible humans, we acknowledge that errors can occur. Moving forward, we assure the NSA of our unwavering support and cooperation in fulfilling his duties.”

Conclusion: The unfolding emirship dispute continues to captivate public attention, and this recent apology underscores the gravity of the situation. As the state grapples with its historical legacy and power struggles, the actions of its leaders remain under scrutiny. Only time will reveal the full implications of this conflict, but for now, the apology serves as a pivotal moment in the ongoing saga.



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