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Saida Boj’s 1.3million TikTok Account Vanishes Amidst Controversy

Saida Boj's 1.3million TikTok Account Vanishes Amidst Controversy
Saida Boj's 1.3million TikTok Account Vanishes Amidst Controversy

TOUCHAHEART- Saida Boj, a social media influencer known for her controversial statements, has had her TikTok account banned following a wave of criticism.

The account, which had amassed a significant following of 1.3 million users, was removed after she made remarks deemed offensive on the Honest Bunch podcast.

During the podcast, Saida Boj made statements that sparked outrage, including claiming she would charge a man 24 hours after meeting him and labeling men as “cheap.”

The comments generated widespread backlash, leading to the eventual ban of her account.

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_Influencer Responds to Ban_

In response to the ban, Saida Boj downplayed the situation, claiming the account was old and insignificant.

She stated, “Na today them done Dey block this account? I be old customer” (translated to “They just blocked this account today? I’m an old customer”).

_Public Reaction and Call to Action_

The ban has sparked a mix of reactions, with some users celebrating the decision and others calling for further action.

Some notable reactions include:

prettyogedee: “Make government ban her mouth and brain too, I want rest!”

obaksolo: “Gimme the Barber chair”

lah_ghOst.x19: “Let’s report her Instagram account too”

dr_godwin: “She’s a Bad Egg to Our Society and she needs to be stopped”

confidencedave_: “She deserves it”

big_marah: “Let’s work on her Instagram account too”

The incident has sparked a larger conversation about accountability and the impact of social media influencers on society.

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